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Welcome to Florida, the Florida wildlife location mapping project.  Info below map.


Florida is a wonderful state with 100’s of great parks and special places to visit. This is the beginning of a collaborative effort of fine wildlife photographers and wildlife lovers from all over. The goal of the site is to offer information about the wonderful locations in Florida to enjoy the wildlife in the way you like, photography, walking, viewing, whatever.

This front map has many Florida parks, management areas, National Parks, Audubon locations, and many other super birding and entertainment locations. Feel free to click an icon to see more about each place. Click the site name and you may also see photos pulled from the “public” Flickr or Instagram system. This concept is based on the The Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail (GFBWT) program which is a super idea.

We will be adding many more pages, graphics links and other information as time goes on. Thanks for stopping in today. Be a contributor, add suggestion locations by clicking on the link in the Nav menu above.

Use your mouse to zoom in and out and to move around the map. Zoom to the part of Florida where you want to know more.

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  1. Great meeting with you at Wakodahatchee…..and thanks for sharing your web postings. The few pointers and tips really make my day and decreased my throw-aways! I posted one of my web sites….a work in progress….mostly for family and friends….Somewhere I do have my more artistic creations…just have to remember where. : – )
    I look forward to some cooler weather, mosquito free and the opportunity to see the Cara Caras’ and the Sandhill Cranes.


    Phil Sidran

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