Tall Cypress Natural Area

Tall Cypress Natural Area, Coral Springs, FL

Telephone: 954-357-5100

The Tall Cypress Natural Area is a top location for bird watching in the State of Florida. Tall Cypress is an ideal habitat for resident and migratory birds, including the great horned owl, pileated woodpecker, great egret, little blue heron, cardinal, bluejay, and many species of warbler. Botanical diversity abounds in the 66-acre Tall Cypress Natural Area. Along the boardwalks, you’ll wander through a cypress slough that is a wonderland of ferns, with a profusion of giant sword ferns, marsh ferns, giant leather ferns, and many others filling the under story. Tropical trees grow on the matted soil: pigeon plum, paradise tree, satinleaf, and strangler figs. A gentle half-mile trail with many benches along the way, it’s ideal for all ages.

Tall Cypress Natural Area – Broward


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