Emergency Rescue Resources

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This is a special mapping project that I now have open to the public for input. The purpose is to capture and display wildlife RESCUE resources in FLORIDA. This is the initial purpose, I will adapt it with other resources later.

This will become a directory of resources for anyone who is or needs wildlife rescue services, free, donor based, or paid.

If you are an EMERGENCY rescue facility then that is even better and I need to see that information in the description box below. If you are going to submit a facility or service please scroll the links already on the map using the Location icon in the upper left corner of the map below.

If you are an emergency center then please make sure that your phone number is entered into the form.

This is a FREE service and will not have paid ads. I will choose to highlight certain resources as needed.

Submit Rescue Facilities/Agencies

Rescue Facility
Address or GPS location

Enter address or select location on map with right click

Rescue Information (can be from their web site)
Upload your logo if this is your rescue
Please check the "Rescue" box only
Emergency Phone Number
Your Name
Entrance Fee
Please tick this box to prove you are human
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Additional Instructions for the form above
  • Basically, I’m looking for 7 attributes associated with wildlife rescue or emergency organizations to create this directory.
  • Of course I need the facility name
  • address, when you enter the address I need (Street address, city, state, zip) This is a GPS system so your clinic/location will show on the map properly. If that address fails then you will need to scroll up to the map and right click the location directly on the map
  • The rescue information section allows you to enter (cut & paste) extended information about the center. This needs to be as detailed as possible, If someone is looking at this map and sees you are close to them they need to know what you offer, when it’s available, how to connect with you, and what it costs if there is a cost
  • Web site URL – you will need to add http://
  • County where the service is located
  • Emergency Phone Number – Direct contact with someone when you offer your service
  • Your name please, I need to know who you are please or I may not be able to keep the record

Make sure you check the “I’m a human” box then click Add Marker button. Then you can check the map to make sure that it shows up where you expect it to. If not just email me at jon-mark@wakodahatchee.com or message me via facebook (quakerville).

THANK YOU for participating in this project. Hopefully this will help save lives of our wildlife creatures.